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Feature Video: 3/17/2023- DEMO DAY with Aspen Laser:/Photobiomodulation Therapy

When considering the purchase of any health or wellness device, today’s health professional and consumer are far more demanding of deeper answers about innovations. With high speed access to web research are at our fingertips, cutting through the jungle of marketing ads and product hype (to access proven science and technical data) is part of our info culture for the ‘smarter tech shopper’. Thanks to web research, we can make far better choices thanks to user reviews, company background checks, case studies or testimonials. HEALTH TECH REPORTER offers front-and-center perspective on health technologies from seasoned and unbiased testers and performance examiners to share their reviews for your added insight. (See print-friendly HEALTH TECH REPORTER brochure)


The alternatiive health community is an ever-growing society of integrative docs, naturopaths, functional clincians, holistic health professionals. Recently, IPHA NEWS follows the national trail of AVACEN users and had the pleasure of connecting with a dynamic duo in wellness coaching and alternative care. Meet naturopathic specialists Drs. Matthew and Michelle Einsohn from Sedona, AZ. They run a mostly virtual private practice called "Doctor Me and You". Among other state of the art health techs (including the Oligoscan, Thermography and the CSS heart rate variability scanner), the Einsohn's are proud supporters of the therapeutic advantages of the AVACEN to help address root causes in their patients. Dr Michelle says, “The AVACEN has been a game changer for so many of our patients, especially the ones who are homebound or have chronic or systemic illness with a wide variety of symptoms. If the blood or circulation or inflammation is part of the root problem, you can bet the AVACEN offers an easy and very effective non-invasive solution.” You can check out their reviews on the AVACEN technology and other devices in our latest HEALTHTECH REPORTER News.

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Interventional Monitoring of Muscle Reaction to PEMF Induction. In pursuit of scientific data through independent clinical testing, HealthTech Reporter collaborated with the Integrative Health Research Center (NYC) to conduct this private single case study and efficacy monitoring of biometric response of PEMF frequency waves. Dr. Robert Bard, chief investigator designed this case study with high resolution 3D RESONA 7 Ultrasound System by MINDRAY, NA. "One of my passions is learning about the latest advancements in ultrasound imaging... and thanks to a recent industry showcase, the Resona 7 stood out to me as a well-designed and highly flexible scanner that can handle the many challenges of an exploratory research project." See reports using the Resona 7 with:: PEMF Response | Infrared Laser Effects

LASER SPECKLE CONTRAST IMAGING (LSCI) is a powerful tool to monitor blood flow distribution and has been widely used in studies of microcirculation, both for animal and clinical applications. Arterial microcirculation offers data about vascular resistance and metabolic demand with hemodynamics (blood flow). Adding to the arsenal of the imaging specialist, Laser speckle contrast imaging is a noninvasive imaging technique with high temporal and spatial resolution, which is based on the analysis of light signals after scattering and random interference, and therefore obtains the velocity information of scattering particles in biological tissues (e.g., red blood cells)

Another common advantage to this energy therapy is managing ANXIETY within the younger generation. I've seen a lot of teenagers in my office recently for just anxiety purposes, which I think has been amplified during this recent era. To introduce the BrainTap device while on an infrared bed, or sitting in ONDAMED® session has opened up that possibility that they can be able to manage their anxiety, which is sometimes not easy to do with a counselor or a psychologist. The use of BrainTap has been extremely beneficial for the young population. There are numerous ways to incorporate different methods of biohacking your mind and body into your daily routine. (See complete article)

Russ Allen is the self-proclaimed "Health Tech Case Study" - test driving all available alternative and non-invasive therapeutic devices for his extreme back pain and other physiological issues. Mr. Allen is the Founder / CEO of and the Director National Brand Partnerships and Medical Research Foundation of the NFL Alumni. In this first episode of HEALTH TECH REPORTER-TV, Russ travels us into his personal and life-long plight with spine injuries and arthritis. Russ explores the diagnostic protocols he has undergone, and then presenting the end-point of what current innovations he has tested, approved and (now) enjoyed for RELIEF of the agonizing pains (Click to play his EPISODE 1 video)

Latest Breakthroughs
The NY Cancer Resource Alliance and HealthTech Reporter proudly introduces the latest installation of the Prenuvo clinic in New York City. All Prenuvo facilities offer the most current diagnostic advancement in whole body MRI imaging. Recognized for its volume of diagnostic-quality images acquired under one hour, Prenuvo's capacity to capture whole-body imaging through its unique, cutting edge analytic software offers a comprehensive array of next generation applications for early detection and real-time monitoring of complex diseases and cancers. On April 20, NYCRA NEWS conducted a special interview with DR. RAJ ATTARIWALA, Nuclear Medicine Radiologist, PhD Biomedical Engineer and Founding Radiologist of Prenuvo. Known commonly as "Dr. Raj", he shares his commitment to improving on the current state of modalities in cancer diagnostics by offering advancements on the performance, range and design of our current MRI technology. (Article & Video | PDF)

RED LIGHT THERAPY FOR TBI: by Dr. Jennifer Stagg
’Infrared’ refers to a type of light that is below the spectrum of visible light. The naked eye cannot see this type of light. Light is measured in wavelengths, and to further define infrared, there are near infrared (NIR) and far infrared (FIR) wavelengths. FIR is what is typically found in many of the devices sold to the general public like infrared blankets and saunas. (Although, saunas, combine heat with light so the effects of FIR are not comparable.) FIR offers some mild effects, but it doesn’t penetrate the body as much as NIR. As a result, most clinical research published to date is on visible red/NIR because these have been shown to be more effective. (See full review)Extra: Video Spotlight Tech Review: Dr. G. Boege on K-Laser

TECH REVIEW 1: Portable Cell Phone Friendly Dermatoscope
A dermatoscope is a tool that dermatologists use in-office to triage and diagnose skin cancers with confidence. SKLIP is developed as an easy-access and portable dermatoscope that attaches universally to any smartphone or in-office tablet or iPad. When properly aligned with your phone’s camera, the attachment allows your smart device to take images of your patient’s moles with higher clarity, magnification, and analysis tools. These photos can be used to supplement your virtual dermatology care, allowing you to provide the highest quality images thus improve your ability to evaluate potential skin cancers, including melanoma. For easy sharing between patient and dermatologist or collaboration between clinicians, SKLIP is the ideal and affordable scanning, saving and sending tool for questionable skin disorders...” (See SKLIP Intro | See Dr. R. Kline's Review)

AVACEN Medical Launches Its New HOME XL Thermotherapy Device
10/25/2022 - According to a recent article in California’s Capital Weekly, “Although science and innovation are the cornerstones of the California economy, patients living with chronic pain have been largely left behind when it comes to significant medical breakthroughs.” AVACEN is working to fill that gap. AVACEN Medical, a medical device pacesetter for noninvasive pain relief, announced the launch of its new FDA Cleared, Class II HOME XL device. After three and a half years of development, the HOME XL joins the Company’s family of medical devices used to treat acute and chronic pain while reducing the use of prescription opioids. (See Press Release)

In our continued search for non-invasive therapeutic engineering, our tech reporters have met with a unique device with claims of bringing a whole body physical wellness through microcirculation by inducing calculated reverse pressure and heat therapy through the hand. The hand (specifically the palm area) has long been believed to hold the key to your health and well-being. Eastern medicine specialists have studied the palm as a central source of identifying the state of one's heart and health. The color of the palm can reveal your general health by reflecting blood circulation. Normal healthy color is light pink and white can indicate poor circulation or poor health. In Tai Chi the position of the palm is essential in the expression of energy (Yang Phase). The acupressure point in the palm deals with fear, sadness, worry, frustration, and anxiety. (See complete review)

COMPREHENSIVE PERFORMANCE REPORT OF A TOPICAL SKIN CONDITIONING PRODUCT- Review this anecdotal test drive of the Canon Aplio e550 under a pilot study of an exosome‐based topical product called ELEVAI. Global interest in the advancement of Exosomes continues to raise significant interest in the research community to explore and confirm findings about this technology as has been raised since the advent of stem cell research (early 1980’s). Dr. Robert Bard initiated this “test drive” employing an IMAGE-GUIDED approach to monitor, track and report his findings through the use of advanced ultrasound scanning modalities.

Brain Health Studies & Reports

WHAT IS PSYILOCYBIN?They're crudely called "magic mushrooms"-- they're psychedelic mushrooms classified as a schedule 1 drug in the 1970s by Richard Nixon with the Controlled Substances Act. There was been a lot of research prior to this legislation that was completely shut down. Universities and organizations that were studying this and conducting clinical trials could not have access to psilocybin. So an underground psilocybin network continued and some recent push with John Hopkins University Hospital initiated some clinical trials that show absolutely clear evidence of medicinal effect from three doses of psilocybin.

IPHA NEWS recently nominated Ms. Mary Nielsen to the PMCC (Post Military Crusaders Coalition) for establishing "Uphold our Troops"- a nonprofit organization that provides scholarships for military veterans and their families so that they can become psilocybin facilitators. In this interview, we share Ms. Nielsen's heartfelt drive to bring a remarkable form of support to the many cases of military trauma and as a supplemental initiative to suicide prevention.

More than relieving pain and inflammation, neurostimulation is now being used to address SMOKING ADDICTION (and possibly others) by targeting the persistence of intense urges to engage in compulsive behaviors including psychosocial, neurobiological, a preoccupation with substances or behavior, and continued use despite negative consequences. For many, a profound strategy in addressing addiction is tackling the patient's CRAVINGS. It is for this that we asked Dr, Leslie Montoya (from Sta. Barbara, CA) to share her experiences and insights about her recent success with smoking cessation with her patients. Learn about Dr. Valle-Montoya's custom approach to addressing addiction clinically and her non-invasive modalities of choice.

Download Jessica Connell's review
See: REVIEW by Josh Schueller, PT
See REVIEW by Dr. Leslie Valle

Also see: Dr. Roberta Kline's report on the PARASYMPATHETIC nervous system and the healing pathways

MedTech Review: Meditational Technology (Phase 1Study)-
8/1/2022- JESSICA CONNELL of The Integrative Pain Healers Alliance conducts a Level 1 & 2 study (observational evaluation, biometric analysis + clinical imaging) of a meditation device, promoted “address high stress, difficulty sleeping, low energy, and other lifestyle challenges”. By this, a research partnership between IPHA and the Bard Diagnostic Imaging Center (NYC) united to form this multi-modality review project. In this review, we aim to identify any all biometrics recorded through the use of standard medical equipment + then record AFTER effects of the device. The noninvasive diagnostic tools used in this study are selected based on their anticipated ability to collect physiological data while offering a comparative assessment of any therapeutics or response from outside stimulation.” (See complete article)

Also see TEST DRIVE 1 REPORT by : L. Gettz

UPCOMING: MedTech Review 9/1/2022: Concussion Scanning Headband (Wearable EEG)- IPHA NEWS conducted a private interview with the co-developers of NEUROVINE® - a portable headband using EEG (electroencephalogram) technology designed to measure brain waves. Meet CEO Ashleigh Kennedy, Ph.D., and CMO Matthew Kennedy, MD, MSc (co-founders of Neurovine Inc.) from Ottawa, Ontario, CA. who shares their objectives in support of concussion monitoring by measuring brain health as part of optimizing their recovery process. Neurovine is marketed to offer "interactive monitoring program for athletes, students, professionals and anyone undergoing mentally strenuous work by alerting them to take brain breaks before an activity becomes too strenuous”. (See complete article)

Within this same exercise, I chose a third relaxation activity- the fireplace. Here, I chose to keep my eyes un-fixated in any one area. I found my eyes bouncing around from the burning woods to the random flickering tips of the flames. The random yet pleasant crackling sounds also added to the information for the brain. To my surprise, this text showed the least amount of variability. The slow plummet showed an immediate gliding descent to an almost flat line- indicating an almost completely RESTED brain by 40% of the event. A slight incline occurred by 80% of the event when I started moving around my seat, breaking the spell that a burning fire has apparently provided. Lastly, if sensory intake affects brain activity, I could also attribute the HEAT as an added influence to pulling me into that deep rested (flat lined) state. (See complete REVIEW)

A new study is underway at THE BARD CANCER CENTER IN NYC. Dr. Robert Bard and a local research team combines the latest biometric scanning advantages of transcranial DOPPLER imaging, hemodynamic ULTRASOUND scanning (of the retinal, basilary and temporal arteries) and the integration of BIOFEEDBACK technology for a special research study. This neuro-scan review establishes (1) a cross-comparative study between the technologies and (2) a multi-modality screening & monitoring protocol to record post-concussion and neurodegenerative disorders. (SEE COMPLETE ARTICLE)
Consumer Health Devices
The following is a 10-week user test drive of a PEMF device conducted by Health Tech Reporter. The volunteer entered this review as an independent, unbiased participant who had knee replacement surgery in mid-2021 on the left knee. A few days and about 6-8 treatments later, she gave the stairs another shot, this time fully alert to look for what’s different! Check out her remarkable and game-changing results.
Article / Video on Recovery from Knee Surgery
Article / Video Improved Neck Range of Motion with PEMF

Urinary incontinence is a common problem for women, affecting up to 1 in 3 women over their lifetime. Many treatments have been devised that have varying degrees of invasiveness and effectiveness, with the most utilized approaches including pelvic floor muscle exercises (Kegel’s), surgery and medication. I was able to test out and evaluate the Elitone device, which seeks to reduce the disparity in access to effective treatment utilizing this TEMS technology. This is a self-administered device that contains the electrodes in a gel pad that is placed on the perineum, and utilizes electrostimulation to achieve effective contraction of the pelvic floor muscles. The device is easy to use, and the gel pad provides enough adherence without causing discomfort to the skin upon removal. (See Complete Tech Review | also see full report on incontinence tech protocol)

Part 1 of 7: INTRO / OVERVIEW 1:34
Program presents background on the NON-INVASIVE ENERGY treatments throughout history and how the wellness community has continued supporting this paradigm through the expansion of ELECTROMAGNETIC stimulation and the advancements of ULTRASOUND for diagnostic care. Introduction of Dr. Robert Bard,. lead presenter of imaging validation of non-invasive electronic therapies. (Click HERE to view complete series)
View our complete video series. Separate chapters or assembled series now available:


Bring on the Athletes: Integration Program for Real-Time Ortho Solutions

Since 1972, Dr. Robert Bard has provided imaging care to countless patients with a wide range of health issues and injuries- and athletes from all sports are a major part of this collective. The concept of an integrative program for athletes was formalized in 2020 thanks to allies in sports medicine, orthopedics, medical device innovators, professional athletic trainers and supportive health organizations. “The athletic community is one of the most ideal patient types for this exact research study”, says Dr. Noelle Cutter, Molloy College Professor/Faculty Athletic Representative and imaging research partner. “Our athletic injuries program is about strategic tracking of MSK therapeutic performance. Scanning injuries helps us collect significant data on the most common injuries and how to better track/monitor quantitative metrics throughout the treatment process.” (See complete article)

From the Research Desk
From simple case studies to complex, double blind clinical trials, the many benefits of non-invasive imaging offers visual proof of treatment efficacy. Ultrasound in particular is more widely used to collect a patient's biometric data safely and efficiently, thanks to its vastly improved quantitative reporting capacity. Under exploratory device tech reviews, this video shows the effects of electromagnetic pulse waves neurostimulat stimulation and the induction of cold laser on the body are just some of the noninvasive modalities that are easily monitored with an ultrasound scan. In the case of electromagnetic devices, the involuntary muscle contraction is evidence of the electrical changes in the targeted muscle developers of this technology continue to find new evidence, supporting its ability to recover the body's process through cellular regeneration on a preliminary study, quantitative measurement that the regenerative timeline through the use of a neurostimulator through a simple before and after comparison can easily show the body's reaction to the therapeutic device.


6-2-2022: In a recent study, we can identify the biometrics of a biofeedback energy treatment device WITH quantifiable scanning features of the high frequency ultrasound probe w/ 3D Doppler. A review aims to form the basis for analyzing cases such as diabetic retinopathy or hypertensive vascular disease by scanning the OPTIC NERVE. Secondary protocols for treating disease due to Alzheimer's or chronic trauma by increasing the blood flow in the brain to prevent further damage may be possible based on the imaging findings derived from this research. The subject complaining of headaches had a prior case of malaria (which is a small parasite that lodges itself throughout the body) demonstrated benign lymph nodes in multiple areas in the head and neck. We opted to start by scanning ocular orbit to detect if increased intracranial pressure on the optic nerve head was detectable to verify potential cerebral pathology. (See complete article)

Supplemental: Optical Blood Flow Analysis: Pathway to Detecting Systemic Diseases

New Imaging Strategies for Neurodegenerative Diseases & the Vascular System
6-2-2022: One of the most exciting opportunities in neuroscience research today is the potential employment of neuroprotective strategies which may prevent, delay or inhibit the progression of neurodegenerative diseases such Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and ALS. In a recent clinical team effort between Dr. Robert Bard (cancer diagnostic imaging expert) and Dr. Jay Lombard, (physician specializing in ALS patient care), a multi-modal research program is currently under performance review toward the detection and confirmation of quantifiable biometrics of individuals suffering from neurodegenerative disorders.   (See complete article)

Dr. Robert L. Bard publishes a non-commercial review of select non-invasive diagnostic and treatment technologies for his program "Bard Tech Reviews" to be found in the newsletter, JOURNAL FOR MODERN HEALING. This is a public blog-style site where he promotes the use of medical imaging technologies and his clinical expertise in diagnostic interpretation / analyses of all scanned readings. He provides this review to the open public as part of an educational initiative to support beta testing, strategic efficacy research protocols and the value of analytical confirmation, second opinions and use of non-invasive imaging.

Dr. Bard's reporting is by no means directed to support the marketing of any brand, company or developer. Mention of any brand (if at all) are only to credit those used in the tech review as "source". His objectives in Tech Reviews is to report on the immediate physiological effects of any medical device under review using ultrasound and other non-invasive scanning methods. All results are based on a BEFORE-AND-AFTER visual comparison and a clinical interpretive description of the imaging graphic - thus aiming to show the body's potential reaction to that device (if any) by virtue of an after-treatment applied scan.

Dr. Bard's scan studies are not designed to support any device's claims to conclude the efficacy of the treatment as a cure in any way, and all tests performed and scanned are presented only as ANECDOTAL findings. By this, unless the test has been IRB instituted (where he is clinically allowed to work on other consenting patients), Dr. Bard's tech review of therapeutic devices are to be applied ONLY on his own person, where his scans and reports are limited to his personal evaluation of observed potential findings.

1) "USE AS INSTRUCTED": All devices under FDA approval (via 510K) are presented publicly to perform a specific function under an exact application. Dr. Bard's beta testing and scanning review provides a visual review of the device's effects on the body as labeled.

2) "OFF-LABEL USE": Certain devices are accepted in MedTech Reviews under the sole discretion of Dr. R. Bard for exploratory research if the concept of the technology protocol (not necessarily the specific model in hand) may show published potential response to manage or address other disorders that have not yet earned FDA clearance or approval. Exploratory reviewing is completely academic in its nature, seeking to duplicate these experimental uncleared applications for any evidence of the pre-published statements in the name of science.

MedTech Updates

6/13/2022- The research team at IPHA (Integrative Pain Healers Alliance) has officially launched a series of private case & cohort studies for PELVIC FLOOR IMAGING + test driving a limited set of UI-supportive devices. Studies are comprised of traumatic injuries, aging subjects, post-partem and a variety of other cases. An expanded review is also underway within the wheelchair bound community & victims of spinal cord injury. Special thanks to the volunteer support of public advocates including celebrity speaker Jesi Stracham (Wheel With Me Foundation / AxioBionics spokesperson) and a clinical partnership with Dr. Roberta Kline & Dr. Robert L .Bard, co-producers of the Women's Diagnostic Network, new information is being harnessed to add to the expansion of neuro-stimulation protocols and wearable therapeutic modalities.
[1-Incontinence Issue] [2-TechReview] [3-Jesi's Spotlight]
Review: Non-Invasive Therapeutics

WEARABLE MSK NEUROSTIM THERAPY TECHNOLOGY: In 2015, Dr. Oz aired a program about an "invisible treatment" for chronic pain designed to "change the practice of medicine"- casting a wave of commercial attention to the patient community desperate for pain relief- and hope for the reversal of pain-related ailments. Pulsed Elecromagnetic Field Thereapy or PEMF is the induction of electromagnetic fields to promote the synthesis of cellular, muscular and skeletal matrix. Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) provide a non-invasive, safe, and easy method to treat and rehabilitate a growing list of health issues. The therapeutic theory behind this innovation is designed to affect the body at the extracellular level- imposing the ability to transduce or separate mechanical charge to electrical energy. This has been reported to affect the alignment and physical properties of tissues & cell nutrition toward the healing process.[2] Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and magnetic therapy presents a major increase in research attention in the past decade for its ability to directly treat the site of injury (See complete report)

PEMF STUDY EXTRA: Osteoarthritis in the Hand: Observed Response In a observational review from an unrelated patient study, a 70+ year old female expressed increasing difficulty in daily hand functions like sewing, folding clothes and dish washing. X-ray was done by a hand surgeon which showed arthritis of the first metacarpophalangeal joint. The bones were too close reducing range of motion in the thumb because the cartilage separating the bone was degenerated completely, validating the diagnosis of arthritis in the hand. The surgeon concluded Osteoarthritis and this symptom is stated to be the most common finding in hand arthritis.. (See complete report)

The Modern Age of Non-Invasive Mental Health Innovations: TRANSCRANIAL MAGNETIC STIMULATION (TMS): In the continued expansion of the medical society to “go non-invasive” (or non-surgical) and the trending reassessment of interventional medications, the mental health community has acquired major tools in its toolbox to support clinical diagnostic and treatment efforts. In 2008, the FDA approved the first TMS Depression Device for Depression Treatment [1]. In 2018, the FDA approved the marketing of Repeated Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) as adjunct therapy for of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Current reports have presented an est. 30% of depression cases have a resistance to antidepressant drugs, where Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and the application of Transcranially applied non-invasive neuro-magnetic intervention has shown positive results in combination with antidepressants in patients with treatment-resistant depression[ 4]. (See complete report)

MedTech* Pain Therapeutic Device
WEARABLE MSK NEUROSTIM THERAPY TECHNOLOGY: The American pain relief treatment industry is expansive and a vastly lucrative market. It appeals greatly to the population that is drawn to the 'promise' of restoring quality of life and physical performance through the reduction/elimination of stress and discomfort. The varying range of pain treatment strategies on the market lends itself to a seemingly endless array of options for products, technologies, drugs and point of care therapies. MedTech Reviews takes on the commitment to challenge the efficacy of a selected brand based on their claims of pain therapy from their wearable therapeutic innovations. For this product review, our efficacy testers and claim challengers brought us AXIOBIONICS. In this unique observational report, Dr. Bard performs as both the actual patient (for his various physiological injuries and chronic pains) + the investigative imaging specialist, providing a complete assessment of the therapeutic process + extensive regular scanning of the musculoskeletal effects of the devices in question. (See complete report)
MedTech Performance Test/Review Project- Overview (Enlarge Video) Tech Review Part 1: Back Injury / Pain Monitoring (Enlarge Video)
Tech Review Part 2: Rib Fracture / Pain Monitoring (Enlarge Video) BEFORE/ AFTER Gait Review of Triple Flex Belt Effects (Enlarge video)

Imaging Solutions
From a 2019 study (by Raizman et al) about use of this technology (MolecuLight i:X) with debridement, scans of 22 wounds were conducted under standard and violet light in patients after debridement. Scans, performed non-invasively at the point-of-care, demonstrated remaining bacteria/biofilm signal in 100% of wounds after sharp debridement, triggering additional removal of tissue. Fluorescence imaging is proven to have a four‐millimeter depth of diagnostic accuracy in the tongue or mucous membranes‐ similar to the cervix or the vagina or the intestine lining... and reports on its use in skin wounds and wound infection. However, it's use in skin diseases has not been fully explored. .(Article review)

Since the advent of ultrasound scanning in the 1950's, the global movement to develop and expand its diagnostic features continue in its appeal with the medical community today. Hemodynamics is defined as the study of blood flow in relation to the status of the circulatory system and homeostatic mechanisms of autoregulation. Through the monitoring of blood flow, diagnostic analysis can provide many answers to the health and physiological status of the target area scanned as well as cell-level metabolism, the regulation of the pH, osmotic pressure and temperature of the whole body, and the protection from microbial and mechanical harm.. .(Article review)

(Video - 3min)

Featuring global advancements in Elastography, digital Pet/CT scans, MRI and the Doppler Ultrasound scanning - all supporting quantifiable readings that successfully reduce/prevent unnecessary biopsies and false positives. The movement to Integrate current cancer scanning modalities paves the way for a faster, and a more accurate way of tracking cancer aggression, allowing for the adjustment of therapies as needed in a timely manner. (Versions: ENGLISH | ITALIAN | DUTCH/beta- in development)

To stay current with today's medical needs, the PORTABLE HAND-HELD ULTRASOUND DEVICE - aka the "modern stethoscope" joined the market. Powered by calibrated sound frequencies, this non-invasive scanning solution safely diagnoses the physiological condition of most vital organs and tumors in real time. The pocket-sized smart-phone integrated advancement clearly competes in resolution and performance with the over-sized hospital counterparts at a fraction of the cost! . (see Video) (Article review)

SURGICAL EVOLUTION IN BREAST CANCER LOCALIZATION: WIRE-FREE RADAR IMPLANTS - Wire-free Radar Localization is a pre-surgical procedure developed to locate and mark the exact breast abnormality through the use of a small, 12×1.6 mm implanted radar reflector device, roughly the size of a grain of rice. This micro-electronic implant communicates with the scanning handpiece, allowing the surgeon to identify the exact tissue (and how much of it) to extract during a lumpectomy. Surgical experts and diagnostic analysts present first-hand benefits and technical perspectives behind radar localization and the SCOUT® technology and the procedural advantages provided by the wire-free upgrade... (See feature article)

Explore the current technologies used in real-time tracking of Pancreatic Cancer. In patients with a family history of genetic cancers or who are otherwise at a high risk of pancreatic tumors, having the latest innovations and resources for identifying and tracking these tumors makes all the difference in every part of the treatment process. Since we're trying to avoid radiation and biopsies at any time, we use ultrasound screening as the first line scan to image the pancreas. (see Video)

Reporting on the Top Medical Innovations

Since the start of my career in the USAF medical corps, I have always held the most profound respect for NON-INVASIVE MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES. I have witnessed the growth and expansion of safer and faster alternatives like the expanded uses and features of the ULTRASOUND, whereby in mere seconds, you can scan a patient's condition and & map out an entire treatment program from a "simple" pass of a transducer (probe). The movement of NO CUTTING and NO INJECTING means a completely visionary and streamlined upgrade to the entire patient care protocol.

BETA TESTING: MY COMMITMENT TO THE NEXT GENERATION - More than a "Tech Critic", my 35+ years in the clinical trade was the best position to give me complete access to all the latest technologies (globally), and be a TEST DRIVER of some of the most brilliant discoveries and innovations before they hit the open market. I conduct real-world applications of prototypes and even stretch its engineering limits (also known as 'battle testing') which leads to my publishing a comprehensive report support for the medical and patient communities. I take the responsibility of challenging developers' claims or validate their efficacy. I find great value in this information for use in my own practice as well as sharing this with all my colleagues across the globe. In the end, I only hope to contribute my findings to the ever-growing technology trends and advancements for patient care.

MedTech* Real-Time Remote Test Drive
April 2020- Patient 1 was quarantined due to a covid-positive test reading. MedTech Reviews producers & certified medical advisors led by Dr. Robert Bard assembled this prototoype home-based self screening & remote monitoring plan- using the Terason 3200T. For 7 days, a Terason technical representative partnered with our radiology team to conduct the daily monitoring in real-time both through video conferencing & scan/file sharing from various geographic locations. Complete tracking reports, imaging logs and video interviews with the patient during the self-screening process made for a successful example of remote patient diagnostic access & group collaboration using WIFI technology & advanced digital communication. (See complete review)
MedTech* News Reports
As a cancer imaging specialist, I have the highest regard for all my colleagues who offer some of the most remarkable advancements in medical care. Major installations like the CyberKnife System, Proton Therapy, Robotic surgical technologies and the latest in AI-Powered MRI systems are just some of the breakthroughs shaping the battle against cancer and other disorders. I report on their many life-saving advantages and support the great science that goes into their development.
Originally Published in: The Journal of Modern Healing
The concept of the pencil beam scanning or IMPT (intensity-modulated proton therapy) has grown widely accepted as the ‘new future’ in radiation therapy. This dose is deposited within a controlled range of depth, affecting specific coordinates in the body so most of the dose is delivered to the actual tumor and little or no radiation is delivered to tissues beyond the tumor. This system is globally recognized to treat brain tumors, prostate, breast, liver, lung, head and neck, and other cancers. (SEE ARTICLE LINK)

is an electronic device that clips onto a patient’s finger to measure heart rate and oxygen saturation in his or her red blood cells—the device is useful in assessing patients with lung disease. Almost a year into the pandemic, we have seen waves of empty shelves of specific items due to panic shopping or the recent burst of proactive health trends. This reflects a significant part of "the Covid Culture"- comprising the demand for personal safety measures (beyond the holy trinity of masking, distancing and hand hygiene). (SEE ARTICLE LINK)

Since the first recorded successful surgical procedure in 1985 launched the trend of robotic assisted surgeries have widely expanded in growth and demand - supporting the complexities of Heart, Thoracic, Gastrointestinal, Gynecological, Spine, This review explores the latest work of Dr. Stephen Chagares, the first American surgeon to conduct the robotic mastectomy and his innovation of choice. (SEE ARTICLE LINK)

Since the advent of radiation therapy (and the invention of the x-ray) over a century ago, the noninvasive treatment approach of radiotherapy continues to be recognized as one of the most forward-thinking technologies in the pursuit of targeting cancer tumors. The CyberKnife® Robotic RadioSurgery System represents the latest performance innovation in this modality for treating benign and malignant tumors as well as other chronic disorders. (SEE ARTICLE LINK)

From Modern Diagnostic Science (8/2019)- by Dr. Manu Jain / MSKCC
(RCM) gives dermatologists a major upgrade (over age-old microscopy) in their ability to assess pathologic and physiologic conditions of the skin with a higher level of clinical accuracy, greatly supporting the reduction of calls for biopsies of benign lesions. This system gathers epidermal and superficial dermal information through the use of LIGHT and laser. It penetrates the skin to reach an estimated 200 microns in depth –often useful in dermatology to diagnose skin cancers like melanoma, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. (SEE ARTICLE LINK)

Today's engineering and medical technology (from the late 1980s) show significant evidence of ethical standards and major consideration for patient response. Ethics in treatment engineering covers all angles considered about the innovation including: the way it is built, the materials applied, the engagement of the operator and the aftermath of the patient.. “Historically, radiation CAUSED cancer, but that's because you didn't have precision then....So the more precise you can be, the better - and we (Accuray) pride ourselves on exquisite and unparalleled precision,” says Ms. Fleurent. (SEE ARTICLE LINK)

Disclaimer: All content in the MedTech Reviews* and MedTech News* section are assembled excerpts of actual articles written, co-written or produced by Dr. Robert Bard and are published in the various media publications as stated. Each article in the form of medical technology feature reviews or educational reports are samples of Dr. Bard's body of work. The manufacturers / developers, medical centers, corporate entities or practitioners mentioned in these reviews are NOT presented on this page or the MedTech program for any commercial purposes nor have any direct business ties to the Angiofoundation or the producers/publishers in any way.

Dr. Bard is highly involved with public education both in the private and public circuits. These are just a few recent samples of his "social media shorts". For all his other media coverage including news features, please visit his media section by clicking THIS LINK.
The Fire Still Burns (Pilot 1) (Pilot 2) 12/2019 Article 1 | Article: CyberKnife
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